Building a Vessel

Well Victoria, we've been busy these past 18 months. That's just the active, head down, mind open, forward facing period that it took to build a Vessel. We've been dreaming about opening a store like this for much, much longer than that. We envisioned a store that would provide wines, spirits and ales that were new and exciting to the citizens of Victoria, as well as stocking those products comforting and familiar; a store to grow wine culture in our city, a hub for folks interested in enjoying a glass, or a pint, or a cocktail; a centre for wine education and to support Victoria's growing wine community; a friendly, welcoming, open and accessible store where the employees are just as keen on enjoying and sharing as we are (No Egos is one of our core values); a locally owned and operated business that supports other locally owned and operated businesses. Most importantly, a place that values authenticity over all. 

Welcome to Vessel, Victoria - we built it for you.